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Dragons Sorting Severed Heads By Color

Date: 18-Aug-2014/7:54:04-4:00

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Characters: actor, me

I was in a church-like circumstance, where there was some kind of musical play being put on. And it was about an evil dragon.
Though there were a lot of people around, I seemed to be one of only a few people watching the play which had one or two people in it. One was singing and holding a large lumpy-looking bag--which was in the plot of the play supposed to be a bag of severed heads.
Note I'll have to paraphrase because I don't remember the precise lyrics, or even if they rhymed.
actor: "...and the dragon, in his hubris, would sever heads and collect them in a bag / he arranged them all in a row, ordered by color from start to end / all in a display so he could prove to all / that there is no God..."
I stepped up to the stage and interrupted.
me: "So how exactly did he sort them all in a line by color? There are a lot of colors on a head, was it hair color? Skin color? Also: colors don't really go in a linear order, except for wavelengths of light. But heads don't emit precise wavelengths."
The actor became angry with me, and heaved the bag of "heads" at me as if he were trying to hit me. He missed, and the bag broke open and several broken watermelons rolled out.
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