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The Girl in the V of a Pipe

Date: 24-Aug-2014/16:08:48-4:00

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Characters: me, man, voice, red shirt guy

I was going up the stairs in some kind of movie theater, with a group where we were going to be seated. It was confusing because the stairs went above the screen, but I realized it was a balcony level. There did not seem to be any seats on the floor level...it appeared to be only balcony seating.
Idly I sat waiting to see what would be playing, and I went to check to make sure I had my wallet and keys. I couldn't find my wallet which worried me for a moment--until I realized that I was asleep and dreaming.
Curiously I stood up and began trying to reach around with my hands, in various directions...to see if I could feel the direction of the bed. I couldn't; everything was consistent with the environment I was in.
I turned to the man seated behind me.
me: "Do you know who I am?"
man: "You mean--like you want the name of a file, on a disk drive?"
me: (sighing) "Well, I guess if I'm a file, then I'm a file. Funny you would bring up disks, I've been making some archival videos of stuff I've done in my life and am burning them on DVDs. A little collection."
man: "Oh? Cool! Sign me up to buy two sets when you're finished."
me: "Why two sets?"
man: "I'd keep one, give the other away as a present."
me: "Anyway, if I can do things like zip around and penetrate various realities, then there must be more magic to me than just a computer program."
I tried to keep a grip on the dream scenario, but it began to defocus. The man appeared to have only one cyclops eye at some times, and at other times three eyes with one in his forehead.
me: "Although...I guess perhaps everyone and everything is a bit supernatural. Did you know you look like a cyclops?"
The dream scenario faltered but I managed to bring it back up, although I couldn't move at first. I was still facing backwards in the seat and I could see the back wall. There was a projection on the back wall.
me: "So why would I be here? What is it I'm supposed to see?"
voice: "The animators, we need to find out who they are."
I watched the video and narrated what I could see out loud. It took a while to build up; it seemed to be a cross of a kind of typical looking old-style Disney animation of animals, and some kind of cartoon pornography of humans being sexually attacked by the animals. They would attack in a group and shrink them down to animal size while molesting them, and at the end of the process they were transformed to become animals too.
me: (aloud) "All right, um, weird cartoon porn..."when animals attack...and rape you". No title sequence yet. I think I see some inscriptions on the items here, the blue and red geometric things on the table have writing on them--look into those; I think one had a studio name on it. Oh, here comes the title sequence."
The title sequence came on and it was a strange simplistic line art...not in the style of the animation, seemingly a bit like the "I dream of Jeannie" genie in a lamp. But the title words came up and it said "The girl in the V of a pipe." (possibly "The girl who lived in the V of a pipe")
I got up and walked up to the screen that I had been looking at set up against the back of the theater. Hitting it, it bounced back.
me: "Me, bending over backwards in stupid fake worlds. All right--any agents here raise your hand."
Three guys wearing red outfits raised their hands and I motioned for them to come over and talk to me.
me: "What do you know about me and why I'm here?"
One of the guys held up his hands in a surrender motion. He was holding some kind of pen-shaped device with many colored stripes or buttons on it.
red shirt guy: (mock fear) "Me? No! I know nothing about you! Never seen you before! I swear!"
me: (warily) "Well now I've seen you."
I examined his shirt and saw a nametag on it that said "kiwi". The nametag appeared to be a gold pin, but seemed to be covering some patch or logo underneath it.
red shirt guy: (concerned) "You just talked to me downstairs, on the way up here. Is your memory seriously fracturing this much?"
me: "Oh, let's see...I think I'm doing all right considering that I am ASLEEP and laying in a BED. I don't know much of anyone else who can do this, can you?"
red shirt guy: "What's making this harder than you expected is that you underestimated the rate of technology change that would happen in your absence. Your systems are live upgraded at speeds that are ridiculously hard to follow."
me: "Great, but what does looking at animations have to do with any of that?"
red shirt guy: "You need to focus on this."
He held up what looked like a prescription for medicine; it had areas with different color print backgrounds and typed information on top of it with dates and categories. Though it looked like a prescription, it was some kind of cross with information about films.
me: "Hmm, it says CATEGORY: MANUSCRIPT"
red shirt guy: "Ignore that part of it, you're looking for an animator."
I managed to make out a name that was "Scott Blandis" (although it sort of fizzled as being Scott Blandinis). It appeared that my name was on the form also, along with a "Mary Blandis". While it was fuzzy I got the vague impression that the document was suggesting I and Mary Blandis were his parents, or somehow had some kind of legal relationship.
Note There's lots of "Scott Landis" on Google, but I can't find anything on Google about any "Scott Blandis" or "Scott Blandinis"--much less animators by that name.
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