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Pinnochio's Andy

Date: 24-Aug-2014/16:08:48-4:00

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Characters: man, skyler, woman, me, pinocchio

In what I perceived to be the house where I am now, I came across a police scanner device. My parents were visiting and I questioned what they had it for. This turned into some sort of request for me to go into a multi-menu'd system which had folders in it. One folder was called "TJHSST" and inside of it there were directories, and they asked me to do something that would change my social security number.
Note TJHSST is the initials for "Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology", which I attended and graduated in 1993.
That non-lucid dream hazily led to a later situation. I was in the midst of an experience that I perceived to be like an argument scene out of Breaking Bad, where Walter White was fighting with his wife Skyler in front of their house. At one point she got so angry she lifted up a red car clear off the ground, and then put it down.
Another man and a woman who seemed to be standing nearby looked in some amount of amazement.
man: "Did you just lift that car?"
skyler: (confused) "Yes, I guess I did."
man: "If you're going to work out that much, you need to eat more. Get a yogurt."
woman: "I think soup is more nutritious."
man: "No! Soup is only nutritious if you drink the broth, and you don't even do that when you eat soup."
The strange discussion about what to eat in order to replenish nutrition after lifting cars ended shortly, and the man and woman climbed into a red truck. I went to get in and ride with them, but the truck was already moving. I tried to get in but it seemed no one was waiting.
In a semi-dangerous maneuver risking being flattened by the car's open door while I clumisly climbed in, I managed my way to get in and close the door. I became lucid.
me: "Sorry to be slow, except for the fact that I'm dreaming and it's not the usual amount of control I'd have if awake. Okay. What's going on?"
man: "There was activity on your social security number. What did you notice?"
me: "They had some kind of police scanner, and this machine it had...it had menus. The top level menu was TJHSST, that was the initials for the high school I went to. Then they wanted to go in and change my social security number."
man: (grumbling) "...and they changed it to be some name of a corporation?"
me: "No...it was just some other number I think. It was about the length of a Social Security number, though. Started with a... 5, maybe? Not sure."
man: "Oh. Strange. Well, we're on it."
me: (frustrated) "On what? Jeez. What is all this supposed to be anyway?"
The car was driving onto a bridge crossing water, like a floating bridge, near a city. I looked out at the dusky landscape...and had kind of a moment of panic about "what if the whole city exploded in an atomic attack" (or similar). As I thought that, a window from one of the nearest buildings across the water exploded.
man: "Uh oh. Calm down."
I kind of focused on a way of fixing it, and rapidly streams of water seemed to fly up from the ocean in to douse the building. Simultaneously, the car jumped of the bridge into the water and turned into a boat; while I seemed to somehow become outside of the boat. I scrambled to dive in and swim after it.
The space between where I was and the building that had exploded began to narrow, as if the bridge were moving closer to it. The woman addressed me, as the environment began to morph.
woman: "There are easier ways of connecting point A to point B than swimming or jumping in a panic. Why not just raise the ocean floor?"
I went from being in midair to walking across tiles that had risen out as the water disappeared. I took a short walk across to the formerly burning building, that was now a kind of Gingerbread House theme (or perhaps Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). I grabbed some random candy-looking item that happened by and ate it.
A 3-D rendered looking Pinnochio puppet walked up to me to greet me as I reached the door of the house.
me: (looking around) "Well, this is all very... high-res. Who are you?"
pinocchio: "I'm Pinnochio's Andy."
Note He said "Pinnochio's Andy", and not "Andy's Pinnochio", for whatever that is worth.
me: "I'm feeling a bit unstable. I know I probably sound like a broken record in asking this all the time...but do you have anything which could allow me to stay and talk long enough to gather more information? I'll wake up shortly otherwise."
pinocchio: "We have some magic cards..."
me: "Err...I don't play Magic. I was thinking more like some kind of drink or injection?"
Note I interpreted "magic cards" to mean "Magic: The Gathering" playing cards. But perhaps I should have taken a look at whatever it was he was talking about.
I managed to wander just long enough to meet some older man and his son. Their clothes seemed to be dirty and stained by eating candy or with the candy house, so they appeared a little bit slovenly.
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