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TATU Mountain Climbing

Date: 28-Dec-2009/11:55+3:00

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I was listening to a portable MP3 player to some songs by the band TATU (220 and Snowfalls). Suddenly a man's voice came in narrating over top of the music, which surprised me. It approximated this:
Ana and Yulia climbed a mountain
They reached the top, and even came in second
It must have been difficult for them
in all of that ice, and all of that snow
But come to think of it, it wasn't a famous mountain
Not even one of the ones people talk about
I heard someone climbed another mountain once
What was their name?
Perhaps I should have written it down
I wanted to skip back to the track and play it again for someone so they could hear it. However, the MP3 player began to malfunction. There were several minutes spent trying to figure out why it seemed to be refusing to play the track again.
Note I did a google search on 'snowfalls lyrics' once I got out of bed to look up what the lyrics were. When I did so my computer logged me out for no apparent reason. I've heard TATU's music and watched some videos, I couldn't have told you their names... it turns out it's "Lena" and "Yulia".
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