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Honeybee Carry Chicken Drunk

Date: 20-Oct-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: girl, man, me, ups guy

I'd been having a dream where I was laying in a bed with a long-haired girl, when I believed myself to have woken up in a car. (I hadn't.)
The girl was driving us through a fairly typical Florida roadscape.
girl: "Florida seems nice, actually. It's like living in the State of Being of Florida, while living in Florida the State."
We pulled in the driveway of a house where she was greeted by people, and she went into the house and left me with them.
man: "Oh, you're that old Internet Programmer guy she likes."
me: "Errr...well, guess I am getting old."
man: "So we understand you're married."
me: "No, I'm not!"
man: "Hmmm. Oh. Well, good."
In the background, the girl was fighting a UPS delivery person over trying to get custody of a manila envelope. I could overhear them, though I don't think she knew I could.
girl: "It's the address the package is going to! Anyone can sign for it."
ups guy: "Not this one. It has to be signed for by the person the delivery is for, and the signature has to match."
girl: "Look, that means you have the signature. Just scribble something that looks like it for me."
The girl brought the envelope to the car and we resumed driving. She handed it to me, and I opened it to see it was a medication bottle.
girl: (smiling) "Well...our prayers have been answered. Now we have magic beans, and we can quit our jobs!"
me: "What is it?"
girl: (blushing) "Well...I just thought my cute programmer friend might need a little help from China when playing that classic Disney game: 'Honeybee Carry Chicken Drunk'"
My understanding in context was that she was using some weird language to talk about sex. She had managed to get some kind of prescription sexual enhancement pill for us to use, by forging someone else's name.
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