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Buying An Executable Coffee

Date: 12-May-2017/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, bystander

I was watching a situation where a woman was listed her coffee order as a really long name Susan-Janice-383820cee3...Xy3.exe. The baristas were not questioning it, and entering her coffee order exactly as she gave it.
Looking at the baristas and the people in line, I tried to call their attention to this.
me: (alarmed) "You can't just enter this stuff. Whenever you see something that's 'nonsense' you have to ask questions, or find someone who knows. That 'EXE' means 'Executable', and I don't know how that can cause problems in a coffee order entry but don't just do it because someone tells you to."
Either because of this (or some other escalation I don't remember) I pulled out my phone and tried to call 911. Just typing in the number caused the OS to crash, with an orange-ish UI and animations.
This led somehow into where I was in a Matrix-themed universe, where people were discussing that Neo and Trinity were taking time off to train their 10 kids.
me: "They have ten kids?"
bystander: "No, it's a joke. That's binary. 1-0. e.g. two. They're good parents."
I took a look around the place I was in, and it seemed like sort of a themed place...like a "Rainforest Cafe" might be thought of. But it was more like a "Matrix Cafe" where these people were role-playing.
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