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Human-Centric Philological Conceptions

Date: 22-Sep-2017/9:56+3:00

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Characters: colbert, woman, me

I was watching what seemed to be an episode of a talk show hosted by Stephen Colbert, but somehow I could interact with it.
colbert: "Don't you want to meet your maker?"
woman: "To the extent I have a maker I've met them, my parents."
colbert: "I hope you've never seen, let's say, an insect...as a mere outgrowth of your own human-centric philological conceptions."
me: (interrupting somehow) "Wait, never? If you don't believe in a simplified model, and then later learn it's more complex than you thought and see it in a deeper way, then you don't get that feeling of realization."
colbert: "What I meant, was..."
me: "What you SAID was you hoped everyone was born with perfect beliefs, as you apparently were. But for my part, I hope you sometime have the experience of learning something profound. It's fun."
colbert: (laughing) "Well, I hope if you continue this train of thought you do so more quietly, because there are people upstairs sleeping and if you wake them up that's going to be a problem."
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