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Cast Into An Atheist Life

Date: 21-Sep-2017/9:56+3:00

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Characters: blond, me, man in white

I was having some strange feelings in a dream wondering if I was going to be forced to wake up. My body was kind of vibrating weirdly in places and getting poked. I tried some various configurations to address it, putting my arms underneath me...jiggling in various ways. If a body part felt like it was getting pierced I'd start messing with that part more, or if that didn't work I'd try less.
As I jiggled around it seemed as if there were some decorative cave paintings on the wall next to me, that were animating. I interpreted them as telling me some various dances or moves. If the painting held its right arm up, I would, etc. There was kind of a "good work!" vibe coming from the environment, as if I was getting better at something.
This evolved to where I was in some kind of hallway of a house, and noticed some people nearby. One was a pretty blond girl, and I looked at her. She was dressed at one moment, but then in the next instant she came running and pouncing at me completely naked, pushing me onto the ground with her on top.
blond: (laughing) "I am on top of you!"
She seemed to think she had said something funny, or made a reference. I embraced her back but didn't get it. She tried explaining what she was referring to.
blond: "It's...it's a reference to the song. The song from 2011."
me: "Do you know your name? Do you have a connection on Earth, do you live there?"
blond: "My name is Issa. I live in San Francisco."
We went through a sort of tumbly conversation where I was trying to find out if she did indeed correspond to anyone I could meet in waking life. When I asked her a detail she would start into a long meandering thought, and I wanted to keep her focused...did she have a website, did she have any obvious way to find her, etc.
Eventually we shifted up off the floor and were walking into a kitchen, there was a refrigerator and some things in it, including a couple of cardboard boxes with beers in them. I managed to get the last beer out of a box, but felt like I should take the empty box out and put it somewhere.
A strangely-white-suited man in a mask which had eyes kind of drawn on it addressed me.
man in white: (pointing) "Don't throw that box out, you can put it over by the ice machine."
I turned around to where he was pointing, opposite the refrigerator. I didn't see anything and I was sort of losing vision, it was like only my left eye was working.
me: "I'm sorry, I can't see anything. You've got to realize I've been raised my whole life with the belief that you need eyes in order to see."
man in white: "You were stuck too long in that atheist life you were cast into. It came from her, it's time to get rid of that."
I intuited he was talking about my mother.
Encouraged by the earlier work with the dancing cave painting, I tried reaching up and touching my eyes or otherwise messing with them. It seemed to make things worse, and I was afraid I'd open my eyes.
me: "Ack, it's making it worse. Going for my body's eye."
I'd periodically take sips of my beer.
man in white: "I've watched you a long time...and really, all that science you studied, it's what makes this even harder for you."
me: "How so? I've always been open minded. More so than most."
He seemed to not be buying it. I went to drink out of a drink and realized it was not the beer I'd been drinking but some fancier mixed drink. I caught myself and went to get the beer.
man in white: "Hey! You almost drank my drink!"
me: "Well, still fuzzy."
I approached him and got a closer look, he seemed to be wearing a black and white sticker with writing on it, a label like "Marcia Gonzalez" who was born in 1937, other details just on multiple lines. The mask face area looked a bit like a cross between a stormtrooper helmet and a decorative cow mask. I extended my hand to shake.
me: "In any case, my name is Brian. What's yours?"
The figure in white seemed frustrated.
man in white: "Names, names. Why pretend things are important when they are not important? It's another silly convention, just another way to train yourself to be tricked out of your senses. Don't emphasize that."
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