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A Guest Dream Within A Dream

Date: 27-Oct-2008/9:56+3:00

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Characters: man, me

Note I have an unusual tag for my guest appearances in other people's dreams. This is a doubly unusual case because I had a dream report WITHIN A DREAM of someone saying I'd been in HIS dream.
I was accosted by a man who I understood to be some kind of coworker, and not necessarily a coworker I'd been getting along with all that well. Physically he resembled Robert Culp.
He indicated another woman, who I understood to also be a coworker.
man: "So in this dream...she and I were riding in my car. Except it wasn't rolling on the ground, it was hanging by the roof."
me: "Oh? So like a conveyor of some kind, moving the car?"
man: "Yes. And she turns to me and says that you are Jesus, and that you would put yourself through everything again if you had to in order to do what needed to be done."
me: "Hmmmm... me Jesus, eh? Interesting. I've added a category to my journal lately about my appearances in other peoples dreams, so I'll add that one in."
man: "Yes, I always knew you were good. I love you!"
He hugged me and I kind of awkwardly tried to get away.
me: "Hey, y'know, thanks...I try. But nobody's perfect, got plenty to work on myself."
Note Due to a technical error, this entry appears to have overwritten a dream in which a girl was talking to me about a band called "Harrison Calliope". They were gothic/industrial of some kind. I don't remember the details, just that I have a dream entry with the title in it that contained a duplicate of this information.
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