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Just a Hot Woman

Date: 27-Oct-2008/12:46+3:00

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Characters: girl, me, man, person

I was going to some kind of internet Cafe to write down a dream, because I had the feeling that's what I always did (I do not), when I noticed my reflection in a store window. I was a woman and this startled me, I checked in a couple more windows and it was the same A girl was chasing me down.
girl: "Hey mom, I'm sorry for following you here."
me: "Uh... that's all right. Look, I'm not feeling very well, I might have gotten up too fast...having some dizziness."
We went to a strange room with all kinds of odd equipment. A woman gave me some kind of vial to drink, and there was an odd process. It involved a dog in a bubble and there was some big sign labeled "GENERAL INTERNET". After some strange ritual going on with all this equipment, a man nodded to me.
man: "Thanks for helping me catch her."
me: "Who?"
man: "Casey. Who you would think of as the woman you see as the mask."
me: "What do you want with her?"
man: "Nothing in particular. Just a hot woman. I dunno."
Something injected me in my back, and I awoke in a room full of people sitting around with notebooks and graphic novels, scribbling them onto lined notebook paper. I went to grab one of the notebooks to write on, and a person on a couch asked me what was news.
me: "It's not good news."
person: (sighing) "Well then I don't want to hear it."
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