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Date: 27-Oct-2008/12:55+3:00

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Characters: grandfather, me, google man

I was trying to get out of bed and put on my pants, when my grandfather (who is dead) walked over to sit near the bed where I was and talk to me. It did not surprise me that he was alive for some reason, but rather that he was walking--so it was that that cued me into the fact that I was dreaming.
He seemed to think my situation caught up in my pants and socks where I couldn't get up was amusing or pathetic.
grandfather: "Well look what you've done to yourself."
me: "Hey, I'm trying here."
grandfather: "You're not trying very hard. What are you getting done?"
me: "I work every day on evangelizing my vision, admittedly a hard vision to implement oneself."
grandfather: "And what vision is that?"
me: "Well you are a surgeon, I certainly would say my vision says that we should be developing medical technology to the point where we actually can fix people who are sick and give that treatment to everyone. But there's a more general nature to my technical vision which is to say that we should go on a path toward freeing everyone from resource limitation, and make sure we don't pick policies that only give a select few that power."
A man with white hair, wearing a white outfit with a Google logo embossed on it approached and asked me a question using a thick accent. At first I couldn't understand him, but after making him repeat his question I did understand.
google man: "Where you are from, how is vision maintained in corporations? Are there muses?"
I woke up before I could answer.
Note Generally I'd say "not really, decisions are <u>usually</u> driven by profit alone. Though speaking of Google, I have been happy with some of the things they're doing through http://google.org
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