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Quincy, Zoltan, and Samsara

Date: 28-Jan-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, guy, man

I was helping someone pick out a name for changing their name legally. I suggested not changing it legally until they'd tried it out for a while.
We were looking through some name book, and in the Q's it had one name: Quincy.
me: "Only one Q name. Well there's more than that. And this is not very out of the box. It could include for instance Quine. A Quine is a computer program that outputs its own source code."
guy: "Really? Oh that's cool."
I flipped forward into Z's.
me: "Oh, there's always Zoltan. It's like, Hungarian."
man: "In my culture there is very low stigma when someone leaves a woman, who gets pregnant for some reason...maybe even accidental, or such. If another guy comes along and wants to marry her and be the father that is seen as a win-win, like everyone is happy it worked out."
me: (confused) "Okay, I guess? But I thought we were picking your name."
I flipped through back through the S's. There were pages of variants on Sam. One caught my eye, which had a picture with a girl next to it...it said "Samsara"
me: "Hey, Samsara. That's a pretty good name, though probably more for a girl. The infinite cycle of death and rebirth without knowing that's what's happening."
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