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Christina D'Abrruzza

Date: 25-Jun-2007/13:05+3:00

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This morning I was reading an email thread from someone named "Christina D'Abruzza". I managed to somehow drill down into the address book entry and read her email address, but I forgot it.
The computer I was using looked like it was running Mac OS/X and it said something about being "Kiti's Computer".
Note I was really amazed at how trying to hold a focus on this felt just like getting a 3D stereogram to stabilize, and how excitement can throw off the ability to see it.
Currently I am experimenting with using Disqus for comments, however it is configured that you don't have to log in or tie it to an account. Simply check the "I'd rather post as a guest" button after clicking in the spot to type in a name.
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