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Millions of Virtual Shards

Date: 22-Jun-2007/17:16+3:00

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Characters: me, guy

I was playing with some wooden blocks that would stick together like LEGOs. They didn't plug into each other in any way, they were adhering through something more like magnetism.
A guy was narrating how they worked and describing how to create a duplicate of a group of blocks you had made. This sounded like an interesting feature so I was trying to follow the instructions. But they were referring to menu options.
me: "Wait. I don't see a menu on mine."
guy: "You have to turn it on first."
I noticed that the base block onto which I was building had an ON button and I pushed it. A dotted glowing yellow box hovered in front of my field of vision--like a viewfinder in a camera. Some writing and objects materialized in front of me, on a solid translucent wall. The wall was very exciting to me for some reason.
me: "Is it possible to...break that wall?"
guy: (laughing) "Probably, I guess."
me: "What would the pieces be like?"
guy: "Millions of virtual shards!"
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