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The Chlorine-Free United State of America

Date: 22-Jun-2007/12:06+3:00

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Characters: me, instructor

I was sitting in a desk in a schoolroom, a bit nervous because I felt like I hadn't done my work in ages. At some point I overcame that and realized that I don't go to school anymore and this is a dream. There was an instructor at the front of the class, and I raised my hand.
me: "Where am I? I mean, street address...city...um, actually let's just start with what country."
instructor: "The United State of America."
me: "Plural or singular?"
instructor: "More properly, it is the Chlorine-Free United States of America."
me: "What does that mean?"
He began a speech about how important it was to be organized, and named various appliances that needed to be in a row (one was an iPod), and to have the edge of your carpet 'guillotined precisely'.
This sparked a debate where some of the other 'students' in the class started piping up about how people in other towns differed, and they gave names of people who disagreed with these values. I was quite puzzled and I tried to write some of this down.
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