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Flying Foam

Date: 21-Jun-2007/7:44+3:00

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Characters: me, him, people, person1, person2

I got into a fight with someone in a dream, and though I was holding out fairly well I realized that it was a losing battle. So I backed off and called a truce. Almost instantly the dream solidified, and the same person I had been fighting started giving me information about someone I had known in the past.
me: "Hmmm...that doesn't sound like something he would do. But I'll ask you this: what is MY name?"
him: "I don't like that question."
me: "If you can't tell me my name, then I really doubt it would be possible to give me detailed factual information about people from my past. Knowing my name seems much easier."
A short while later I was in an industrial building that I knew to be full of explosives. There was a guy there who I perceived as being like Edward Norton's character in Fight Club who was masterminding the bombs. The police came in with plans to arrest him but he made a menacing gesture like he was going to light a cigarette, and they realized the slightest fire would cause the building to explode.
Several bomb-squad scientists came in and were mixing together chemicals. There was a roster of where they were from, and I noticed some were from Finland. Realizing that they weren't going to be able to stop the pyromaniac, I confronted him.
me: "I'm about to wake up. So why don't you just tell me how this story is going to end?"
In response, he threw something that caused a fire and the whole place exploded. People were running for their lives, but I decided to walk into the fire. It wasn't painful but it made me feel static-y, like when your foot falls asleep. As parts of my body were replaced with a white frothing foam, I flew uncontrollably into the air, where I met another flying guy.
me: "How do I stop flying and get back to the ground?"
He turned upside down so his head pointed at the ground and we both went down and touched the ground.
him: "I advise you to pick up a stick or some other object."
me: "Does that then imply a commitment to being on the ground so you stop flying?"
He didn't answer, but we had landed in a cluster of people pointing at the tiny moths crawling around on the dirt.
people: "These moths are lousy pets, they don't come when you call."
me: "Er, yeah. Ok. Well, if you call that a 'MOTH'... what would you call ME?"
person1: "A mirror!"
person2: "A frog!"
me: (to person2) "You said frog. Do you know what a mirror was?"
Note My line of thinking there was that if a mirror reflects what you show it then maybe the first person was right...I was a mirror and person2 was a frog seeing itself.
This was interrupted when George Clooney and some other celebrity (possibly Edward Norton, as from earlier) walked by. They paused and looked at me...and then continued to walk. I decided to follow them.
me: "What's the deal here? What's going on? I need to know because I'll be waking up any moment."
Shortly thereafter I did wake up.
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