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Sainga and Silvia

Date: 20-Jun-2007/7:23+3:00

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Characters: man, me

I was reading a Wikipedia page, along with some source code regarding AAC. The account that had last edited the page was called "account2" and I was actually spurred by this into lucidity, because I realized I wasn't editing under my own name.
Eagerly I clicked on the "recent news" section of this alternate-universe Wiki to see the headlines. But the web page went flying out of my field of view and scenery went dashing by as if I were looking out the window of a car. A quote was then read aloud and superimposed on my field of view, it was attributed to someone named "Saïnga" (with the umlaut) and I only got the gist of it--something about the nature of the voices that came to her and told her things.
At a later point I was conversing with a man and asking him how I might interface with the people I talk to in dreams in waking life.
man: "I want to stress that it can be very disturbing to see people in a room that others aren't seeing."
me: "I'm aware of this, and that's fine."
man: "Your coworker [name] has a sister, and her name is Silvia. She has skills in this regard."
Note I asked this coworker and he does have a sister, but her name is Natalie. I didn't inquire further.
Next I was looking over a large diagram, which was a map showing how "disease vectors" had carried some kind of plague around the United States. It had a table on it describing the tremendous death toll, breaking down the numbers into various categories.
But here's the odd part. It had a special section for how many "monsters" had died--Spaghetti Monsters, Bigfoot, etc.--and nearly all of those numbers were zero. I didn't have long enough to make out which of the very few numbers in the monster death toll table were non-zero.
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