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Messages on the Pens

Date: 17-Jun-2007/17:40+3:00

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Characters: me, friend, driver

There were some pens which had messages on them. I thought I had woken up and was still holding these pens. Though I knew a pen couldn't prove anything about dream communication, I wanted to contact the manufacturer and see who had ordered these messages to be printed.
Unfortunately, someone was chasing me and trying to get the pens back. So I got the idea to start hiding them places where I would find them later. After hiding most of the pens with a friend, I got down to one and each hand but I couldn't see my hands any longer.
me: "Can you verbally describe what is in my hands?"
friend: (irate) "You have a red coin in your right hand, and a pencil in your left hand."
me: "Is the pencil in my left hand yellow??"
The question further angered whoever I was asking. Then a guy was trying to run over me with a small car or cart...and I realized I was dreaming and stopped running. Instead I walked up to him, introduced myself, and asked him his name.
driver: "I am Franzie, from Quebec."
Following on that lucidity I started speaking with someone else, and asked about the place were we were. He said his name was "De Cortes"
Note He very distinctly did not say De Cortez or Decartes.
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