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An Uncivil Trial

Date: 17-Jun-2007/15:58+3:00

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Characters: judge, me

I was having a couple of dreams about women who are casual friends in real life asking if I wanted to go on dates doing certain activities. One asked if I would like to go play pool. Another asked if I'd like to go to an arcade.
Note Neither are things I ever think to do, really.
I also found myself in a strange court trial, in which the accused was being physically tortured. The crime he was charged with is that he had claimed to be someone's father.
Note I'm not sure if the insinuation was that the claim was biologically true but he was a bad parent, or if it was an issue of identity theft.
judge: (to me) "What is your opinion?"
me: "I don't know if he's guilty or not. But people should receive civil trials. In the world I am from this kind of torture is considered abominable."
judge: (to bailiff) "I have some paperwork for the policeman."
The policeman turned out to be me, and I was given the papers. Then I woke up.
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