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Tracking a Triangle

Date: 13-Jun-2007/9:08+3:00

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Characters: her, me

I was in a room in a house, and a girl in white lingerie was standing at the end of the room. I beckoned her to come closer and she refused.
her: "I didn't put this on just because I knew you were going to be here!"
It wasn't clear whether that was a joke or not, but we sat at a table and she started talking about plans and how much someone named Katie was going to be happy about getting to have dinner with me. I sighed.
me: "You shouldn't be making extended plans for my visit, because I'd probably be waking up any second. Unless you've got an idea of how to make it longer."
her: "Well, this should make things clearer."
She pulled out some headphones and put them on my head. When she did, the sound instantly got very clear--and I tried to make out what I was hearing. There was a very distinctive, annoying sound that I knew...which sounds a bit like a dog whining, but is actually a bird outside my window.
me: "Hey, that's the bird outside my window!!! How did you do that!"
She smiled and we sat there looking at each other a bit. The sounds from my real world were playing crystal clear, with all the visual and tactile senses coming from the dream. I awoke for a moment, but sent myself right back to sleep and resumed communication with someone I perceived to be the same person.
me: "What are those headphones and how do they work?"
her: "Oh, wow, you don't know the password. I have to tell you."
She led me into a dark room and kind of stumbled over the following phrase:
Great, great grandmother is tracking a triangle that might start asking questions about itself.
I immediately forced myself awake to write it down.
Note If that phrase is some kind of secret, then I'm sorry to be publishing it. I don't know if "triangle" refers to me or not. A 3-dimensional being might be called a "triangle" by higher dimensional entities.
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