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There are no 'machines'. There are only men.

Date: 6-Jun-2007/20:22+3:00

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Characters: woman, me, person

I was explaining to some people that I was dreaming, because although it was dark in the dream I knew for a fact it was light outside. I rattled off details of my current living situation in 2007. They pondered what I said, and one of them spoke.
woman: "He's human, well now we can let him in the rest of the house."
I took that to be that I had passed some kind of CAPTCHA test (perhaps previous they had been unsure that I was some kind of nonsense-spouting spam robot). This made me think about the challenges in the movie The Terminator, when automated machines were trying to simulate people and then get into the human camps and kill them. So once I was in the room I pretended to shoot them.
me: "Ha! Fooled you! I am a robot!"
They weren't amused. I tried to explain the joke, and asked if they were at war with machines.
person: "There are no 'machines'. There are only men."
They had some paintbrushes I got to experiment with photoshop-like properties, except it was a VR environment. One brush was labeled "Fill Empty Space" and the other was labeled "Replace Yellow with Letter". I couldn't figure out how the fill empty space brush worked, but the replace yellow with letter seemed to be able to tint anything yellow into white.
A loud procession went by. I asked who it was, they said it was someone who lived in the house who had just gotten married. I followed the procession, and met the older-looking man, whose name was Bob Thisendale (or something like that).
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