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Oxy 40 Skateboard Matrix

Date: 6-Jun-2007/8:58+3:00

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Characters: phone rep, me

There was an extended period of web searching in a dream, while knowing I hadn't woken up. I was on a quest to get more information on something I had seen pertaining to a high-tech skateboard known as the "Oxy 40". This went on for a long time.
Eventually I managed to talk to some customer service person on a phone about it. I was hoping that I might be able to get a hint about what the breakthrough or novelty of this skateboard was (perhaps it was a hover board like in Back to the Future II?) Then I could bring the invention back when I woke up.
phone rep: (flustered) "I can send you a brochure..."
me: "I needed a layman's explanation of the product--as I'd never seen one, just heard about it."
This transitioned over to a house, where people were conversing and clattering nonsensically. Yet I could understand one person, who was wearing a robe and had a big piece of poster paper stuck on the back of it. As she changed form the robe and paper remained, and I followed the paper. I intuited that this was a technique for making it possible for me to track where they were going.
There were a series of notes written down, which said things like: "Do not joke while wearing the hoopie hood, it might be taken seriously. I've been good about this and you all should too." One of the notes mentioned the names of some people they were planning on taking into their house, and my name was on it.
After I read this, there was an odd floating sensation and I was guided into a kitchen. There was something in my mouth, a large spherical device which I spat out. They handed me a device the size of a pill, which was a flat red dot encased in translucent plastic...it looked a bit like a comet. I swallowed the device and awoke.
Note In The Matrix, when Morpheus wants to figure out where Neo's body is being held in the "real" world, they have him swallow a red pill inside the simulation. I'm not sure what the significance of swallowing a tracking device in a dream is; but it would seem that if you're trying to correlate someone's location in more than one reality it would be necessary to know something about each side.
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