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Amnesia on Obama's Game Show

Date: 4-Oct-2009/10:54+3:00

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In a non-lucid (but very vivid) dream, President Obama was a special guest M.C. on a widely televised game show. It was being criticized in the media as not being befitting of a public official, but he defended his appearance as good to get people watching the show and (somehow?) boosting the economy. Apparently it was also the case that the Queen of England had been appearing on TV shows in England, so it was defended from that point of view.
Picking contestants had a format like The Price is Right. And something strange had happened in that one female contestant who was named Karen (or something) had chosen to lie about what her name was and say it was Jennifer (or something). The reason was because one of the previous contestants had been named Karen and she wanted to be unique.
But in the process of going up to the stage, she tripped and bumped her head somehow... and when Obama said something like "Jennifer are you all right" she didn't respond. And all this was being pieced together by the media about how she didn't have amnesia, but she'd just made up a name in the moment to use on the show and got flustered by the trip so she'd forgotten what she picked. There was some amount of a scandal on whether one of the other contestants had made her trip so she would lose her confidence.
Another scandal on this show was that someone had said "damn", which religious conservatives were making a major issue afterwards. They said that kids would find out that it was really just a contraction of "God damn", and in spirit it was blasphemous. Some journalists were arguing over whether that was true or not, and discussing other cases where a single word had absorbed another--somehow Archie comics were used as an example.
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