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Three Stooges Wiggle Defense

Date: 10-Oct-2009/10:44+3:00

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Characters: me, head, man, woman

I'd just had an unpleasant experience getting shot with poison nail guns of some kind and attacked with a sword. Managed to jump out of it just as I was being cut up, and I found myself in a friendlier location where I was speaking to a disembodied head of a German-looking guy.
me: (angrily) "There better be a God watching out for all this who those people are going to have to answer to."
head: "Yes, yes. There is only one God, but he is different for everyone. So effectively we each answer to our own God."
me: "Certainly the one God will stop those who torture, or oppress the weak?"
head: "For the oppressor and torturer his God teaches him not to oppress or torture. For the weak person his God wants to develop him so he knows how not to be weak."
As I wandered around the room there was a little group of people, and a TV.
man: "You are the futurist! The one from the documentary!"
me: "What documentary?"
man: "Where I Go To when I am Called."
Note The dream I'm referring to is Where I go to when I am called.
me: "That was in another dream, something about it being on HBO."
woman: "There was also a book, a collection of your writing."
She pulled out a book that was extremely thick. The cover had my first name correct, but the last name looked like "Ahm-erat-su" and was written in a strange brushed font.
me: "The first name is right, but the last name...what is that, Finnish? No, wait. It's Japanese, there was a video game that had a character with that name. Okami, do you know what I am talking about?"
woman: "Hmmm... not necessarily."
me: "You paint, you're this white dog, and it was on the Nintendo Wii."
woman: "Oh, I think that was a popular one. It got 4 out of 5 stars. I think a friend sent that to me but I have not played it."
Note The character of the wolf in the Wii Game Okami was supposed to be the Japanese God named Amaterasu.
I flipped through the book and thought I saw dream transcripts I recognized, but it's hard to say now. Some of the pages were not in English, but something else...maybe Dutch.
me: "Is my work popular?"
woman: "Absolutely, the things you talked about were verified. It is now accepted as scientific fact that people can be tuned in anywhere. It's even in written into employment contracts and law. There are some unfortunate holdouts in the past life movement who... well..."
The woman directed me away from the book and over to something that looked a bit like a piece of gym equipment covered in a towel-like texture. She came at me with a gentle variation of what feels like certain attacks I have felt.
woman: "If you are attacked on the side like this, you have to put your arms to the sides and then wiggle. Like... like on the Three Stooges."
She did a gesture kind of like when one of the stooges would have an epileptic-style fit. Then she did another attack at my stomach which was also a more mild version of things I've felt.
woman: "When they come at your stomach you have to drop down and kick. Just let yourself fall to the ground and kick forward."
I did as she suggested, and she seemed to approve.
me: "Learning defense is probably good. But this doesn't explain the question of why am I being attacked all the time?"
She looked at me kind of sadly, and I woke up.
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