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Where I Go To When I Am Called

Date: 16-Sep-2008/12:41+3:00

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Characters: bill gates, woman, me, man

I was watching some sort of story unfold where Bill Gates was in an argument with a female employee over something on her computer. After she had left he enlisted the services of a woman from another department to hack into the files. The interface of the software the woman was using was very advanced.
bill gates: "Where did this software come from?"
woman: "We got it from the vendor who sold us the system for HR."
bill gates: "I'd like to talk to them."
He turned to me, and said:
bill gates: "In case you're curious, we've only just shipped Word 2.0"
me: "Ah. Definitely something fishy going on here then."
I became lucid and for some reason thought it was a communication with the real Bill Gates.
me: "Wait, are you going to remember this conversation? Do you remember your dreams?"
bill gates: "Oh there is a whole collection of people who remember what you've said to them. In fact, there's a documentary being made by HBO about you."
The scene faded and I was walking down a hallway with someone else.
me: "Someone said a documentary was being made about me on HBO. What is it?"
man: "I've heard about it, I haven't seen it. It's titled 'Where I Go To When I Am Called'."
Note Title approximated, it was something like that.
I became nervous as I was led into a closed off room with a lot of people and medical tools.
me: "Whoa, whoa, what are you planning on doing here?"
man: "It is time for the swallowing of the red poison."
me: "Is that necessary? What have I done to warrant being poisoned?"
man: "No, no. YOU are the poison!"
me: "I don't understand."
man: "Whenever we touch you, it is very painful. We understand it is painful to you as well."
Someone from across the room reached at me and gave me a brief poke, his arm stretching like PlasticMan. It felt like an injection. He retracted his arm immediately.
me: "Wait, so that feeling... like an injection that I'm always getting, it's just a by-product of touching? And you feel it too?"
man: "Yes."
me: "Then... well... can't we use science here? Like, you could take some skin samples or blood, whatever. Figure out why it happens, and then stop it. Then we can talk normally."
man: "This new king is showing much wisdom."
me: "Er... well I'm not trying to hurt you. Study what you can while I'm here, I can take it."
A stack of Petri dishes were brought in. I walked over to the table, which had become something like a fume hood.
Holding my arm out, I noticed that it looked like nothing but a circuit board. They were trying to detach it completely, but using physical force.
me: "Hey. Well, if you want that thing, could you use scissors or something? Just cut it off...this twisting hurts."
They did, and I noticed that my arm suddenly went from feeling like it was the circuit board to functioning normally again.
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