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A Ladies' Introduction To Corey Hart

Date: 14-Sep-2008/11:05+3:00

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Characters: mother, me, man, salesman, person

I was speaking with my mother and father in a room. They were showing me some books. Neither seemed like themselves, and in fact spoke with very different voices.
Note For a time my focus was on the books and I was trying to remember the titles, but my attention shifted and I no longer remember them.
mother: "We've been asked to evaluate your situation."
me: "Well this is a situation that needs evaluating. Tell me, am I... am I usually here asleep or something, or what? What will happen to me here when I wake up?"
mother: "Usually you vanish while you're in the system. There have only been a few people who have been miracles, sometimes you get married to one and only find out later."
Note I could not tell from this context if what I do makes me a 'miracle', or if being one would require the ability to NOT vanish while dreaming. This was a little jumbly. The term marriage has been used before to describe a partnership between a spirit and a body.
me: "Now what is going on? I want answers!"
mother: "Don't go with the anger."
me: "Hey I'm calm."
mother: "Well, you are certainly much less angry than usual."
me: "I'm not acting on it, but mind you, there's a lot to be angry about. You seem flippant about keeping secrets, but there's a little thing called transparency. And while you're here building 'The Great Wall of Ether', I'm trying to build communications. I can obviously carry information--any solutions you have for Earth, or any solutions Earth has for you."
mother: "It's very unusual. Monks spend their entire lives meditating and don't come close to what you can do."
Note Though I sometimes try to convey things I say in dreams very abstractly and put them in better words, <u>The Great Wall of Ether</u> is something I did precisely say, and I came up with it on the spot.
We started walking down a hallway that was fairly narrow and contained a stream of people.
me: "This hallway looks awfully familiar."
Written on a sign was an ad for a game called "the Realm". As we approached the room that was our destination, my mother held me back and sent someone ahead of me.
mother: (to confused lady) "You go first. Let him see what it is."
The woman ahead of me walked into the room. There was a bar in the corner, and a lot of people sitting at long tables entranced at three giant monitors in the corners. I tried not to look directly at the screens. A man flipped me two credit-card-sized objects which I understood to be for putting into the machines on the table.
me: "Okay, if this here is 'the game of the world'... and I'm asleep now while playing this precise game... what happens if my consciousness has hopped out of my body and to here, and I jack in again?"
man: "You could get spin-cycled. Not too likely, but it might happen."
I woke up to where I was flipping through things that looked like PCMCIA cards, but smaller. They had printed labels like game cartridges...in a mixture of Japanese and English. Titles I could read were things like "Experience Nippon in 1948", "A Ladies' Introduction to Corey Hart", "The Depeche Mode Stage Experience".
Two people were arguing at a table on the other side of the room. I had the sense that one of them was trying to distract the other so I'd have time to look. Pushing aside the cards, I found some documentation. The odd thing was that the documentation was physical... the letters were raised on a surface and shiny.
There was a section called "About the technology", and though it was a bit difficult to read, I managed to get through a bit that was talking about psychological experiments done by the Nazis during WWII that had shown certain aspects of the mind and immersion phenomena. The company that made these things was called "Fleet Interactive".
Note http://fleetinteractive.com is a bizarre website template, with lorum ipsum text, registered in January of this year.
My perspective switched to watching one of the men who had been arguing walking out of a glass door.
salesman: "They're still here! They're not just here, they're in my showroom!!! I want all the Bruces rounded up."
Several people came in and accosted the man, and began to attack him.
person: "You bet we're still here!"
For a little while I was really mad, and joined in beating the salesman up.
me: (singing) "I'm here with all of my people... locked up with all of my people! So let me hear you scream if you're with meeeee!"
Note My people by The Presets is a song I've been listening to lately. It makes me think of the plight of simulated beings who might be applied toward ill purposes. For example, captive AI who are stranded in a very isolated world.
Though I felt I knew what was going on, I decided to stop.
me: "Hey. Everyone. Let's... let's stop the violence here. Let him be judged by his God, or whatever's a level up from his game."
salesman: "Yeah!"
me: (pissed off) "I didn't say we're not going to take action. Just that we're going to stop the violence. Lock this guy up or something, have a proper trial"
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