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Testing for Bots in the Bedroom

Date: 12-Sep-2008/14:15+3:00

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Characters: me, asian man, guy

A short Asian man in a very star trek like uniform was helping me put on a yellow shirt and button my collar. I wanted to put a gray sweater over this (incidentally, that's what I was wearing to sleep).
We were in the interior of some kind of very space age room, clean with walls that looked like gray plastic. He was wearing an orange ID badge that I couldn't read.
me: "What do you do for work?"
asian man: (smirking) "Oh, you mean my bedroom job?"
me: "Well, yes, your job."
asian man: "I test for bots."
me: "You mean you look for things that are automated, but presenting themselves as if they are not?"
guy: "Exactly."
me: "But how can you tell the difference? I mean, isn't that fundamentally unsolvable in a sense? Might we all be automated?"
guy: "If I answered that, I'd be only speaking from my perspective as a human."
I tried to follow him out of an automatically sliding door, but realized I wasn't wearing any shoes. Turning back to go into the room I faded and awoke.
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