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Weird Al's Black Bowl + Snopes Bar

Date: 1-Jan-2015

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Characters: me, man

I was talking to someone at a computer about someone going on about how great something they had was.
me: (laughing) "Jeez, it's like that song by Weird Al, about the ring he has..."
man: "No, never heard that one."
me: "Well let's look it up."
I started looking on the computer and found the song and played it, and looked up the lyrics. They were not what I (in the non-lucid dream) state remembered. I'd recalled the song as being about the ring, but he went on about a black bowl he kept the ring in.
Oh the power of my ring is very real
And I keep it in a bowl...this bowl...
It's completely black! (pause)
It's majestic black! (pause)
72 shades of blacks and fuller blacks! (pause)
It's timbralated in bree-ots (pause)
The song went on to declare that after all this talk it just looked like a black bowl to you, that there was a reason. Because this was the very bowl from which the idea of black first originated. Which I found funny and kind of woke up laughing, also at the song structure.
I don't see any particularly relevant meanings for "timbralated" or "briots". But in the context of the song, the absence of any sensible meaning for the details of the bowl would make sense...as we are perhaps led to believe that this is just a plain black bowl. :-)
Another dream around the same time had someone telling a joke about a Snopes Bar:
I used to go to this bar called Snopes.
...and then my mom asked me, "hey, do you go to that Snopes bar?"
...and I was like... NO.
I chuckled about that one too, with the idea that Snopes is a website investigating urban legends everyone says that turn out are not true. So starting a joke referencing something that you yourself are saying, then someone repeating it, and denying it as if you were telling an urban legend is humorous.
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