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One dot Now dot Com

Date: 4-Dec-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: vendor, me

I was meeting up with some people at a kind of outdoor street fair at night. There were a lot of different tents or areas roped off.
One of the newsworthy goings-on at this event was that you could get something called "onepork". I'm not sure what was so special about it, but only a couple of the vendors had it.
We went into one that seemed to have an entire pig roasted and cut up. (So if "onepork" was a vegetarian synthetic product, they were going rather extreme with the simulation.) I noticed that the entire pig seemed to have sauce and seasoning on it.
The vendor gave me a sample, and struck up a conversation.
vendor: "How do you like it?"
me: "It's...pretty good I suppose. It might be a better idea though if the entire pig weren't pre-seasoned, and you let people sort of self-determine how much sauce and stuff they'd add."
vendor: "That's not a bad idea. Hey, I think I've seen you...which hotel are you staying at?"
We discovered we actually were staying at the same hotel.
vendor: "Well I don't really know the area here, I just came for the demo. If you guys want to hang out later, let me know--here's my card."
He gave me one of the most unusual business cards I've ever seen. I kind of marveled at it, flipping it around. I noticed specifically that his web address was listed as one.now.com.
At time of writing, now.com looks up in my world to a Chinese language news site.
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