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Hard to Compete With Dreams

Date: 15-Feb-2019/9:56+3:00

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Characters: young girl, woman

I was watching a music video that seemed to be shot at night. It claimed to be for the band "Machines of Loving Grace", for the song "Casual Users".
Machines of Loving Grace is a band who takes their name from a poem by Richard Brautigan. I listened to their music in high school. The song "Casual Users" does not appear to have a music video on YouTube as I see it--the album came out around the time I was graduating college IIRC.
The video was rather morbid. A guy carrying a briefcase was going through a door in what looked to be a covered bridge, where the structure was made out of straw. He was oblivious that someone wielding an axe was following him.
One cut in the video showed the axe chopping into a tree, then being removed and leaving blood. It then cut to another scene where the axe person was graphically chopping the head off the guy's body.
My point of view shifted to another scene where a woman was visiting a young girl in either a sickbed or a hospital.
young girl: "I've been having bad dreams."
I could somehow see a sort of spooky scene wher wedding dresses in a large closet had come alive, and were going around in circles on their own in a ghostly fashion.
young girl: "It's hard to compete with dreams."
woman: (sympathetically) "Yes. Sometimes it's hard to compete with dreams."
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