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Date: 10-Mar-2019/9:56+3:00

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I was talking in chat to someone who was installing software on my machine.  We seemed to be discussing computer hacking, but we were also talking about doing something regarding automation.
I couldn't see the person I was talking to, but I could see them remotely clicking through directory paths.  They were long and it was like Governments / United States / CIA / Hacking Tools. Ultimately this drilled down to a file called CRX.EXE.
I had a thought at the time that this was likely a grandiose labeling--and that the person was over-inflating their association with any intelligence agency. e.g. there wasn't anything in the other directories, and this was being done for show.
The machine the software was installed on had a Windows-95 looking menu.  I went looking around to see where this CRX had been installed.  It actually had gotten put in the top level as just "crx.exe" in the start menu.
I clicked it to run, but it said it didn't have any input parameters. So the window just said "hit any key to close window".
me: "Ummm...this is not a GUI program, apparently. What am I supposed to pass on the command line to get it to do something?"
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