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Cherry Pies At Frombo

Date: 4-Nov-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, friend

I was doing some amount of yardwork with a friend. I understood we were trying to get things done before taking a trip. One of the things involved dealing with a sort of fire ant infestation--trying to get them killed.
me: "Darn ants. Well, at least I have insurance now."
friend: "I remember the first time I got insurance. Once you have it--you feel invincible...you're on top of the world. We call this feeling "The Thrust"."
I changed my shoes and pants, and we went to get something to eat. The place we chose had a stainless-stell exterior, and it was called "Frombo". I recall that inside, it had pictures of desserts painted on the ceiling.
This is the example of a short dream I bother to take notes down about, because it is so specific. Curiously there aren't any restaurants named "Frombo" (seems like a good name for one, doesn't it?) But oddly enough the site frombo.com is for an architect, and as I thought the restaurant was architecturally notable, that's a bit interesting.
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