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Always chasing after FM

Date: 19-Feb-2008/12:15+3:00

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Characters: me, them, man

I got a chance to speak to a room full of people.
me: "It is nice here, it is calm and quiet... things are stable. Why is it so stable? Where do these objects come from?"
them: "We get them at the mall."
me: "How are they manufactured to produce such stability?"
them: "It isn't always good to have solidity. People are always asking for the feature of their mates to be more malleable and do what they are asked."
Note They didn't seem to be joking with that remark.
me: "Fine, but in many dreams objects are generally not this stable, and I'd like to know why these objects are."
them: "Unsure, you'd have to go to Watershed(?)."
me: "Then I'd like to go to Watershed. Not now, I don't think there's time, but the next time you see me please take me there"
them: "All right."
me: "Is there a strong belief in physical reality? As in... where I am from? Is it known I come from 'somewhere else' among you guys?"
them: "Yes."
me: "So everyone here knows our society is there?"
them: "Absolutely."
me: "Please clear your minds, and I'd like to go around the room and have everyone say what they would call me."
Note The "clear your mind bit" was because I feared treating the question automatically would just reflect my given name back at me.
My point of view shifted to a piece of paper which had a collection of terms "New guy", "Om", "AM", 7/5, "AM" again, other gobbledygook.
me: (narrating the paper) "7/5? Uh... what? I'll go with AM, since that came around multiple times. But why?"
them: (laughing) "Because you're always chasing after FM."
Note I caught a deliberate reference to Amplitude Modulation vs. Frequency Modulation here, but there may have been a joke in there with FM also referring to females, not sure.
me: "Do any of you have physical bodies with which you can transfer information to the world I am from?"
them: "Nope, sorry."
me: "Okay, another question"
man: "Hey, wait listen to me..."
me: "I'm going to wake up soon, I can't really delay."
man: "No, LISTEN!"
me: "All right fine, please hurry."
man: (laughing) "It's simple. You just take ALL the food and the non-religious food will rot away."
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