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Polarian M

Date: 20-Feb-2008/13:10+3:00

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Characters: me, boy, him, her, someone

I had a very long dream where I was helping construct a tower out of wood beams. People were going onto levels of the tower that I didn't feel were safe.
me: "People need to get off this thing, at least until we can put some stakes in the ground and support it with cables."
A young boy ran up to me while his mother protested.
boy: "I'll go with you to get the wire!"
me: "You should listen to your mother."
boy: "I want to know. Why did they pass zero one?"
me: "The people involved in passing that legislation are just very... uneducated. They made a mistake."
Note Though I seem to have interpreted "Zero One" as some kind of piece of legislation, I know it to be a city from the Matrix mythology.
Somehow this transitioned to a view of what seemed like the future of the same spot, when much fancier buildings and a city had replaced the primitive installation. I ended up inside a plane that was in some scary aerial battles, and I steeled myself as I got the feeling I was just watching a movie. The other person on the plane didn't understand.
me: "I'm just going to lean back and appreciate the explosions and what it's like to be high in the air. I can't be hurt, this is a movie we are watching."
him: "How do you figure?"
me: "Actually, furthermore, it's also a dream. So I'm watching a movie inside of a dream. That means not only can I not be hurt I can also potentially control it."
I made our plane fly down toward a specific rock and picked it up.
me: "Not being able to do what I just did wouldn't prove it WASN'T a dream. But I certainly can't control movies while I'm awake like that."
We landed and began walking around what appeared to be some kind of public library.
him: "If you're so sure you're untouchable, then why don't you sit on that table over there?"
He indicated a table in the library, there was some kind of administration desk nearby. I decided I'd go ahead and sit on it, and a woman came up to yell at me.
her: "You do realize they're closing the convention center to the public for exactly this kind of behavior."
me: "Nope. Don't know that."
her: "Can't you read the sign?"
I looked at a sign and it had writing in a few different colors. It seemed like French with words like "qui".
me: "Nope, can't read French."
her: (laughing) "No... apparently not!"
me: "Well it looks like French. Anyway, I need to know anything you can tell me about your knowledge of other beings, or anything you might have heard about Earth?"
By now we had been joined by some other people. There was some murmuring:
her: "Polarian M!"
someone: "[so-and-so] took me there"
Note Polarian is a rather direct hit onto something I've never heard of. It's a term apparently coined by Madame Blavatsky about alien root races. I've certainly never read any of her stuff.
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