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Talking Heads (with Boring Ideas About Mentalism) : 12-May-2008
We Can Stalk Them for You Wholesale : 12-May-2008
Rick-rolled in the Astral Plane : 23-Apr-2008
AppleTV's PhotoTransgenesis : 17-Apr-2008
Kacheer Kacheen and the Five Mentalisms : 15-Mar-2008
Always chasing after FM : 19-Feb-2008
Signal Central (signalcentral.com) : 19-Dec-2007
Biting Pegs in Cydonia : 5-Oct-2007
Last Week They Were At Burning Man? : 1-Oct-2007
Gaming Bills and the Cadavers : 15-Sep-2007
Mannequins and Incinerators : 8-Aug-2007
The Trap of the Master Hacker : 11-Feb-2007
On the Dance Floor I Am Free : 7-Feb-2007
Cousin Anne Dudens : 4-Feb-2007
Greenway, Walgreens, and Ralphs : 27-Jan-2007
Calibration Through a Drawing Exercise : 20-Jan-2007
The Key To My Mind : 2-Jan-2007
Furin's Fogscreen : 11-Dec-2006
There Is No Chinese Truth : 16-Sep-2006
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The accounts written here are as true as I can manage. While the words are my own, they are not independent creative works of fiction —in any intentional way. Thus I do not consider the material to be protected by anything, other than that you'd have to be crazy to want to try and use it for genuine purposes (much less disingenuous ones!) But who's to say?