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Calibration Through a Drawing Exercise

Date: 20-Jan-2007/9:08+3:00

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Characters: me, being, someone, them

After noticing that most of the people around me were disembodied heads that were kind of rolling around, I became lucid and asked a question.
me: "You all look like disembodies heads rolling around on the ground. So I have an idea for an exercise. I want you to draw what I look like to you."
I handed out pieces of paper and pens to several human-looking beings in the room who had appeared. Because I thought my idea was a good one I became afraid of waking up before this was complete, so I tried to tune out potential distractions. There were a lot of knocking sounds and noises.
me: "Just hold your horses a minute! If you aren't part of this calibration exercise, please hold on and I'll get to you when I can!"
I did manage to get three sheets of paper with some rough sketches. All of them looked like little computer terminals, possibly on wheels but maybe not. One of the drawings had a cube sketched on the screen of the terminal.
me: "This one shows a cube on the screen, is there always a cube or is that just supposed to be an example of the kind of thing which might be shown?"
I couldn't get an answer. With some of the remaining time I had, I spoke with the human-appearing things.
me: "If I was acting weird earlier, I want you to know that's because I was afraid I was going to wake up before I could look at the drawings. Do you know what I mean by saying that I'm in a bed and asleep?"
being: "We've figured out his address!!"
someone: "Show him your watch!"
A watch was shown to me and I read the time off, it was somewhere late in the afternoon.
me: "Do you know what time it is where I am?"
them: "It is 10 minutes until 9."
Note I got very excited, even though this time turned out not to be accurate.
me: (excited) "If we can keep doing this calibration, and refine it...we should be able to build a modulator and communicate. Once we standardize the hardware, we can install it everywhere!"
I woke up a bit after.
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