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Chimera's Morphing Architecture

Date: 20-Jan-2007/18:05+3:00

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Characters: voice, guy, me, chimera

I ended up in a very precarious circumstance where I was going to fall off of a high place. Though I called for help no one came. Realizing that the worst case scenario would be that I'd let go and wake up in bed, I decided to study the circumstances before making a decision on what to do.
Closing my eyes, I could feel the way the sensations were working in my body. There was no sense of the bed on my back or side, I really was swinging pretty freely. Someone called to me.
voice: "Don't let go. Focus on modifying the reality so it will be safe first!"
I materialized some boots on my feet. Then I somehow shrunk the distance to the ground until it was just a hop, and I jumped. The guy whose voice I'd heard earlier was standing on the ground.
guy: "Congratulations! You certainly haven't been wasting time!"
me: (laugh) "Oh, I know QUITE a number of people who'd disagree with that statement. My dream adventures aren't really encouraged by anyone."
We went inside a building, and I found myself looking at a clock. The numbers kept shifting out from under me.
guy: "Would you like something to help you with your eyesight?"
me: "Absolutely."
I thought he was going to give me glasses, but instead they offered me pills. I took them.
me: "You know, these pills probably aren't going to work for me."
However, I could focus on an object on the table. It's something out of a sad part of my personal history, and I asked them why it was there.
guy: "You're going to feel pretty dumb for getting rid of things like that. There is no tie between objects and afterlife."
me: "For the most part, I didn't get rid of things because I expected it to affect the afterlife. Don't you decide you just don't want things anymore?"
guy: "Well I'm not a fan of that stairway in the corner...but let me show you how I'd remodel my house."
He summoned someone named "Chimera", who appeared as an alien-looking guy. He didn't like the proposed modifications.
chimera: "You want to change that into an entry way?! That part of the building was never designed to be an entrance. This is going to look silly."
Despite his objections, almost immediately the room began morphing with furniture, stairs, and walls. They were all gaining new positions and orientations. When the process was over they all sat down on the furniture.
Note I assumed that Chimera was responsible for doing this work using some strange alien mind powers.
me: "Hello Chimera, that was interesting work you just did, I've never seen anything like it. I'm from Earth."
Involuntarily, I suddenly jumped away in a flurry that threw a sheet over him. I immediately went back to pull the sheet off and apologized.
me: "I'm so sorry I did that. Sometimes I have this panic response, because talking about things like that can provoke attacks."
In fact, at that moment I was attacked by the other more human-looking people in the room. I resisted, but the means of communication deteriorated to the point where I could no longer see the room. Instead I could read text being communicated to me, which I understood to be coming from Chimera.
chimera: "We're now communicating using a font debugging test backdoor. I'll tell you what I can, but you'd better ask what you want quickly."
me: "Why am I being attacked?!"
chimera: "Earth is a place that is scheduled for self-destruction in 4-years. Some people haven't accepted that yet as an inevitable truth, so they are still trying to keep it completely isolated. 26.6 points [gibberish]"
Note As I was still in mid-struggle, I assumed that 26.6 points pertained to some score I was winning if I held out in battle. In retrospect, it more likely had something to do with the typographic terminology of a point.
chimera: "I'm very surprised at how long you are holding out, here!"
me: "I will take the pain as long as I can such that we can keep chatting."
I was feeling pretty good about it, until my attackers started tickling. The tickling was too much and I woke up.
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