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Not a Thirst-Quenching Experience

Date: 27-Jan-2007/5:06+3:00

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Characters: me, woman

I happened to see two vending machines against a wall, for Coke and Pepsi. But I couldn't move closer to them for some reason. So I used a kind of telekinesis to bring the Coke one toward me. Instead of moving the whole machine I sort of pulled the front off.
Inside the machine was mostly empty, although it had some odd things way in the back. My arm somehow stretched in so I could poke through the items, where I could retrieve an odd-looking can of Coke. Opening the can and drinking from it didn't really have much effect.
Note I was thirsty and knew it, but was too lazy to get out of bed, so that played into the theme of the dream.
A seemingly nice woman was in the room with me.
me: "The graphic design looks entirely wrong on this can of Coke. The O looks a bit like the O in the Comfort Inn Logo."
woman: (teasingly) "Yes, we get it now. You've read a book."
Looking around I thought to myself it would be a nice place to stay. I was going to try sharing my personal information to hope for a contact with me in waking life, but decided to give up on that.
me: "It is sad that we are unable to meet in a way other than channeling and dreams. Why is this?"
woman: "Because there are systems in place designed to block worlds from each other. Though it's fundamentally necessary for structure purposes, they are badly designed. Often they are done so for intentionally malicious reasons."
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