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Don't Need The Drugs

Date: 27-Jan-2007/17:30+3:00

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Characters: me, girl

I was playing with a digital book, and the pages had floating windows on them that I could peel off. When I stretched the pages the pixels would deform, and as I ripped one of the pages I was surprised to see that the piece I had torn became a much paler color.
As I pushed around various areas in the book, music I was listening to would change--and one of the songs was a Sarah Mclachlan tune I didn't recognize. My eyes wandered to a mirror on the wall and I noticed that I was wearing headphones, and I could see there were several people on a bed in the other side of the room. There were lots of vials and pills on a dresser.
me: "Ummm...do I do drugs here?"
They pointed at the counter, and one of them expressed distress.
girl: "Are you wigging out?!"
me: "Look...don't worry about me. Just quit doing drugs. And don't let ME do drugs!!"
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