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Greenway, Walgreens, and Ralphs

Date: 27-Jan-2007/17:38+3:00

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Characters: me, them, old lady

I was in an old-school store that was packed with products, and the sales ladies were older women. It was something like a Walgreens, though there was a real red-theme going on with the interior. They were having a conversation about what conglomerate owned their store as well as Ralph's, and I want to say it was something like "Greenway".
me: "It will be interesting to see who owns the chain. I'll check it out when I wake up."
There was a deli counter of some sort and I sat down at it. Another older woman was sitting there, I tried writing my name on a piece of paper for her. She and someone else looked at it.
them: "You've written all numerics."
I tried sounding my name out in halting phonetics, and they seemed to pick it up...repeating it to me all as one word.
old lady: "Did you meet the angel of light? She was looking for you."
me: "I haven't. I'd be surprised if anyone could find anyone in this madhouse."
old lady: "This body I'm in just has so many limitations, I can't stand it."
me: "I'm not used to treating bodies like cars and jumping from one into another."
She got up to go into the bathroom and seemed to change into a much younger woman as she did.
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