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Fanta Has Been Cancelled

Date: 27-Jan-2007/17:42+3:00

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Characters: me, clerk, guy, cops

I was in a store, talking to three male clerks about the inventory.
me: "You sure have a lot of nice stuff."
clerk: "It doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the music store."
me: "That's funny, because I met someone who worked in a music store today. A music store...in another dimension!"
clerk: "He was probably the type of guy who has to give himself three hugs a day."
By this point, all three clerks had become women.
me: "Wait...what happened?! Did you guys morph, or are you different beings from who was here before?"
clerk: "It was just getting a little...'crowded' here."
She then demonstrated how she could change her appearance fairly radically. After I had watched this, a guy came up from behind me and startled me...I thought he was going to attack. He might have been going to, but gave me a look and shrugged.
guy: "Well, you're on your own now. Spread the love."
me: "Thanks."
I started heading out toward the door. When I stepped onto the street, I saw people approaching me who looked more "virtual" than usual, they had polygonal features. I spotted a newspaper box, it was green and said "New York Times". It was difficult to read the headline article.
As I was doing this a police car started driving down the street following me. People were remarking about how the police presence made them uncomfortable. Since I had trouble walking I figured I must look a bit suspicious.
For some reason I could hear the police dialogue, and they were indeed talking about me. When the car pulled over, doors materialized on a nearby wall and officers came out of it instead of the car. At first two in uniform looked at me briefly and directed me toward another door where two people in plain clothes came out. The room switched to something like a restaurant.
The cops in uniform gave me a plate of two hot dogs, and I saw that the people who the officers had signaled me toward had food too.
cops: "Would you like anything to drink?"
me: "Yes, I'm actually kind of thirsty...I see they have Fanta, I'll have some of that."
Note I was dehydrated for real, but just hadn't wanted to get out of bed. It made me curious what effect, if any, drinking the dream-Fanta would have.
cops: "You're the first person we're going to have to turn down on that, because Fanta has just been cancelled."
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