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The Country Owned by Wine Glass Head

Date: 27-Jan-2007/17:50+3:00

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Characters: me, indian girl, man, wine glass head

Walking along the street I happened upon a Saks Fifth Avenue.
Note Having just seen the movie "Shopgirl", I wondered if this place had been constructed artificially from images out of that. If so, perhaps the characters would be in it too.
It was an extremely narrow building, and indeed there was a glove counter on the third floor. A young Indian girl was working there.
me: "Have you seen the movie 'Shopgirl'?"
indian girl: "Yes."
me: "When was that movie released?"
indian girl: "1975."
me: "I was born in 1975. Or at least, a year my government told me was 1975. Do you realize how easy it is to manipulate history by manipulating dates? Entire fraudulent databases can be created to misdirect you so that you believe things that are untrue."
Some men in the store started walking past and signaling each other as they listened to our conversation. One of them came up to me and shook my hand.
man: "It is good to be working with you."
On my way out, I ran into a woman who seemed to have a wine glass for a head.
wine glass head: "You were talking about the government. And let me tell you, I own this country--or at least, I'm very close with the guy who does."
me: "Oh really?"
wine glass head: "I want to propose a merge."
me: "All right, let's talk about a merge."
I started walking toward an office area with her but then that's the last I remember.
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