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Cousin Anne Dudens

Date: 4-Feb-2007/13:58+3:00

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Characters: me, them, guy

I was in a building that was a lot like an airport, with long hallways and big windows along one wall. There were people around, so I spoke to them.
me: "Have any of you heard of Earth? Or the World Wide Web?"
them: "Yes, we know of Earth."
me: "Do you know about the September 11th attacks? Terrorists flew airplanes into the Twin Towers in New York, causing them to collapse."
Some people were rather surprised to hear about this. But a person brought up a video on one of the large windows. It was of the skyline of New York before and after the twin towers were destroyed--there was a lot of smoke in the "after" picture. I kept talking even though my perception was getting quite fuzzy.
guy: "I've heard of your internet handle before. My cousin is also from Earth, and her name is Anne Dudens."
me: "Could you spell that?"
guy: "It is spelled the way it sounds."
Note There is an Anne Duden(s), who is a somewhat famous German poet.
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