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Pretending Everything Cost Two Weeks to Make

Date: 4-Feb-2007/17:12+3:00

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Characters: me, someone, person

I found myself in some kind of office where two gray-alien-looking guys were discussing something about immigration and the first day on the job. Becoming lucid, I was picking up and examining objects on a desk with a lot of success at reading them. Then I decided to wander and see what I could find.
One area I walked into was a movie theater, and it was playing a music video that didn't have any words. The crowd had all kinds of people, but I didn't talk to them because it was too loud. Leaving that room, I decided that rather than start asking people questions about themselves...I would ask for their identification card and read it.
me: (to someone) "May I see your ID card?"
someone: "No. Our country doesn't require us to carry those, and hasn't had the requirement for three years now."
There was a piano against the wall.
me: "Whose piano is that?"
person: "It's free. Everything is free, but they still pretend like it cost two weeks to make."
me: "Why do they say that?"
person: "If everyone could get as much of anything as they wanted instantly, it wouldn't be good for their mental health."
Note Nothing in the conversation really made me feel urgently like waking up and writing it down, so I'm afraid I forgot a lot of details.
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