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The Creepy Horse Teacher

Date: 4-Feb-2007/17:19+3:00

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Characters: me, horse

I was caught between sleep and waking, where my whole body (including my eyes) would be physically frozen. I'd see something very simple in front of me--like a word on a piece of paper. Bit by bit I'd try to bring myself into a body that could explore a three-dimensional dream world.
My technique was to keep looking at the same object, but try to imagine what else it might be. For instance I might imagine it to not be a piece of paper, but a white stripe indicating a lane on an asphalt road...and somehow I could then track my eye along a road that would end in a door, and I'd have the experience of opening the door and walking through it.
Using this technique I managed to end up in the front yard of a house I had lived in as a child. A large horse-like monster approached me, and I decided to feed it a football-shaped object I found in a hedge. The creepy horse let me climb on its back and ride it.
At first it started flying, but I pulled it by the neck and told it to slow down, land, and walk normally. It did, and this led me to try thinking of commands to give. I didn't have any truly creative ideas in the moment of who I wanted to talk to.
me: "Take me to see a cute girl."
horse: "Wouldn't you rather go speak to one of your teachers?!"
me: (embarassed) "Oh, an even better idea! Sure."
horse: "Do you want to know how to keep from being cut?"
At that point, I started to get a tickling under my arms. It was not as intense as it can be when I am under an attack that wakes me up.
me: "Are you doing that? I hate that attack thing. Yes, tell me, how do I get it to stop?"
horse: "Try going a number two...that can work."
Note I understood him to be suggesting to try going to the bathroom, which I did not need to do in this case. I managed to fight it off without that.
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