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Date: 7-Feb-2007/12:09+3:00

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Characters: me, other

I was typing on a computer terminal...making a few errors, but able to do a decent job. What was going on was some kind of text adventure game. I tried typing in words like "system" and "version" to figure out what kind of computer it was, and I got back a lot of stuff I'd never heard of.
It occurred to me to make an effort to remember one word which was ARAMANAIA. I used that the end was AIA to help me remember.
It sounded like nonsense, but a Google search upon awakening amazingly found only four hits, one of which was on a "psychic spiritual portrait" of someone apparently named Aramanaia:
When I wrote a letter to the 'School of Spiritual Knowledge' inquiring about what this was about, I got a response saying that the picture had been uploaded by a member with no context and thus there was no further information.
Some manipulations were happening on the screen that I wasn't causing to happen, so I thought maybe someone was watching me type. I tried to initiate a conversation by typing.
me: "Hello?"
other: "Oh... yes?"
me: "What's going on? What is this game?"
other: "Oh it's shiite [sic] someone uploaded."
The next thing I saw was a directory listing where the files were. The game was called "outpost". After some failed attempts to type more questions and getting puzzled responses back, I decided to change tactics.
me: "Would you like to meet in person?"
other: "Now?"
me: "Yes!"
This caused something to change radically, and I was suddenly reading words that had been printed three dimensionally on layers of glass. It explained that meeting now would violate a certain condition and be a bad thing.
I woke up, long enough to note down the name ARAMANAIA and go back to sleep.
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