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On the Dance Floor I Am Free

Date: 7-Feb-2007/16:43+3:00

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Characters: me, guy, girl, them

I was on a dance floor, and heard a song I like playing. So I began to dance, while realizing I could perform amazing feats like float in the air and flip. This cued me to start ask questions about how that was possible, and so I started talking to a nearby guy.
me: "I can't usually float like this. Have you ever seen a place where when people jump in the air, they immediately fall right back down?"
guy: "Oh, you mean like in the old days...on TV?"
me: "What do you mean old days? Where were you before you were here, do you remember?"
A nearby girl answered for him.
girl: "All I know is that now I'm free."
me: "Is this place somehow in my future? Have you ever seen a robot?"
them: "No."
me: "Have you ever seen a policeman?"
them: "Yes."
I was invited into a room where they were going to close the door. If I went in with them, there would be about 7 of us in the room. I didn't want to get boxed in because I was feeling like I was going to wake up, so I tried running around a dance floor but couldn't keep from awakening.
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