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Going to Fidel

Date: 7-Feb-2007/16:47+3:00

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Characters: goggle man, me, child

I had a brief hypnagogic moment in which I was trying to express a desire to continue communicating with a man with very large square glasses. They were almost like flight goggles but being worn ordinarily.
goggle man: "Today?"
me: "Yes."
This shifted me into talking to a child laying on the ground about something, he was on his back and couldn't move.
child: "How did Noah get all those animals onto the ark?"
me: "Do you know anyone named Noah other than the Biblical Noah?"
child: "Yes...that's how I'm going to get to go to Fidel!"
me: "Fidel who? Fidel Castro? Fidelity Investments?"
child: "No, Philadelphia. That's where the connective tissue doctor is."
me: "Where is Philadelphia?"
child: "It's in Orange County."
me: "No, Orange County is in California. Do you know what date it is?"
child: "It is November of 1933."
me: "If that is correct, then I am from the future. And a lot of things have changed. Mankind has gone to space and landed on the moon."
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