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Digital Tide Engine

Date: 11-Feb-2007/3:37+3:00

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Characters: her, me, admin, cop

While reaching down to grab the laptop from the foot of the bed, I found not a computer but an attractive girl from a previous dream. So I pulled her up close to me and we began making out. She stopped, sadly.
her: "I've failed."
me: "Failed at what?"
her: "Failed at everything, and when [name deleted] finds out about this, she's going to give you a [motion]."
Note The motion she made was toward my eyebrow, which I interpreted as saying that this named person I know was going to stab me in the head.
I took some nearby scissors and moved them away from the bed.
me: "I don't know what you mean, but I'm moving the scissors. Don't attack me."
her: "No, no, not an attack. I just mean she'll do that eyebrow thing she does when she finds out about us. But I wasn't trying to insult her."
We got up from the bed and stood.
her: "So, you want me to show you some magic?"
me: "As long as it is isn't gross or scary."
She responded by doing some bizarre transformations of her genitalia.
me: "Well I'm not afraid of that. But I will have to say that does fall under the set of things I was thinking about when I said 'not gross'."
I was inspired to try playing with my facial hair, so I looked into a mirror and started kind of adding more, it went sort of awry and covered up my mouth. Then when I opened my mouth it reappeared over the hair. Somehow or another it got completely messed up, like there were bugs in the graphics.
Suddenly I was looking at a computer screen where I could tweak my avatar. There was a menu with options to 'save', 'cancel'...things like that. I canceled, which caused me to go back to a default avatar which was a small boy. As I'd make physical gesturing motions with my body in the dream, the boy seemed to move in kind.
I wanted to learn more about the machine this was running on, so I tried to get out of the application or game. The program had an abbreviation all over calling it 'DTE' and I kept hunting around the interface to get out and figure out what that stood for. Under some help menu I found out it stood for "Digital Tide Engine" and it was somehow made by (or related to) Sony.
While I tried to learn more, some kind of system administrator broke into a textual chat with me. I decided to try my best to communicate, though my typing was incredibly unreadable.
admin: "What's with all the myspace links?"
me: "I'm sorry but I am from a place that does not have access to Digital Tide Engine. What is going on? Please decode this."
Note I wonder how possible it is to read garbled text if you know it's coming in on an inaccurate keyboard or from a bad typist? Is there a spell checker that could decode simple patterns, such as if every letter you typed was one off the home keys.
The next thing I knew, our text chat disappeared. There were all kinds of warnings showing up on the screen about how hacking was against the law, and my point of view shifted somewhere else. There were cops of some kind delivering a stern lecture to those being apprehended.
cop: "Surprise guys, we found this frame. And if you think a fraud can't last for long, you're right!"
Note The term "frame" was interesting to me, because I heard it sort of the way you might think of a Sandbox in computer security.
cop: "All right, we're going to need a phone in here."
me: "HEY, uh... guys?"
This got their attention and I was in some kind of small space, like a doctor's office.
me: "Ok, I've just seen virtual reality technologies demonstrated that we do not have access to in 'Earth frame'. Have you heard of Digital Tide Engine?"
cop: "No, we haven't heard of that one. We'll look into it."
me: "Have you heard of myspace?"
cop: "Yes, we're already on that case."
Note For some unknown reason, I felt these were trustworthy people. I was still angry with them.
me: "Now look here. I need some ground support, emotional support, I-don't-know-what-the-fuck support down here. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. Either get me out of where I am, or send me some kind of cool proof that I'm NOT crazy. Or you're going to lose me, and that's that."
One of the guys beamed a word to me in script handwriting, it was small and it zoomed in, I tried to catch what it said. I couldn't read it.
me: "What did that word you sent say?"
cop: "It said Saturday. Wait until Saturday, there's a major storm going on."
me: "What KIND of storm?"
cop: "Sur del Mexico."
I made faces like I didn't believe Saturday meant anything, and awoke.
Note Saturday would have been February 17, 2007 and I can find no evidence of storms on this date in Sur de Mexico.
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