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The Trap of the Master Hacker

Date: 11-Feb-2007/12:21+3:00

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Characters: them, me

In a dream I was using a rather flashy web browser which seemed to be stuck on a portal page for some company. I wanted to reset the browser so that the home page would come up with a different site as the default homepage. Yet every time I tried to manually enter a URL it would be a site that would bring up the portal page.
At one point, it did go to a page which was this realityhandbook journal...but in addition to the text, it had been combined with a lot of different material--including some porn. The address in the URL was bizarre.
Note This fits in with the phenomenon of a Scraper Site, which republishes the information from one or more legitimate pages in order to manipulate search results or place advertisements. This is intended to deceive readers, who now are dealing with a severed link from the actual author.
Suddenly someone started typing at me, somehow.
them: "I have been following your writing, and I wanted to let you know something about the world where I am. I am being forced to work and am beaten when I do not. I have no method of escape."
I began telling them details about myself, including my home address. As we were typing at each other, the room sort of morphed into my room. Some images and movies started appearing on my computer screen, which I could read from bed. Someone was running a lot of probing and scanning software on it.
them: "This is surprising. Given all the work we had to do to find this, we expected more. The computer is essentially a blank OS right from the store...with no security, no advanced tools at all. Hardly the computer of a master hacker."
me: "Sorry it's not more interesting. I just use that machine for email."
them: "I don't believe you. This is some kind of trap."
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